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Its all about materiality

When it comes to materials and materiality I am on a mission – to restore the value of material things, to re-align our thinking about materiality.

By this I mean not only how we relate to the material objects which we are surrounded by everyday, but also our environment and our own bodies – the matter-reality of our lives.

To recognise and celebrate the fact that we are material beings in a material world is not to deny that there is a spiritual realm, something beyond the ‘hard facts’ of science, something beyond the limits of the designated 5 senses. In fact I’m with multitudes of so-called non-modern people who know clearly that there is no distinction between the realms of spirit and matter. Pantheism some call it, although that’s only one understanding.

If you are at all interested in this topic, I will be going on more about it, in between various other interests – stay tuned…

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