Hello, I'm Sheridan (aka Doctor Jewels). Mistress of many things, master of none. Because I believe we need less 'control', less 'mastery', and more creative approaches to learning and being.

We’re in the midst of a major paradigm shift from ‘ego’ to ‘eco’.* We need to revalue matter and relearn our sense of home. I believe that when we come home to our bodies, when we become bodyful, we access a powerful intelligence and ease that has been lost in modern life.

At home, in ourselves, all our relationships change. New vistas open. Magic, mystery and wonder are restored to the world. And it’s this ancient yet entirely fresh reality that heals our hearts, our minds and the planet.

*Fascinating fact: the Greek root of ‘eco’ actually means ‘home’.

Sheridan Kennedy

Because I’m obsessed with what matters, I want to shine a light on the gifts you offer the world.

Can you relate to more than one of these?

You’re ambitious, independent, passionate.
You love beautiful things and you’re not adverse to dressing up, even if much of your life seems to be spent in work-day pragmatism.

You value beauty (did I say that already? Can’t emphasise it enough) – even if sometimes you wonder if it’s a little bit vain to want to adorn yourself with the kind of beauty that makes your heart ache.

You also value wellbeing, and health and vitality.
And I’m sure you won’t be at all surprised to hear that the experience of beauty is a core component of wellbeing. Unlike all the discussion on which diet you should follow, what kind and how much exercise you should get – how you feel about beauty is indisputably real.

You sense you have a calling (even if it’s barely a whisper, it’s there).  You want to feel on purpose, because you ‘deep-down’ know you’re here to make a difference. To be the change. You know there’s a paradigm shift underway, and there’s no more ‘business as usual’.

You’re dedicated to being the best you can be. Maybe that means you’re a bit of a workaholic, and yep, a perfectionist.  But that’s just a sign that you’re deeply committed to the journey of self-improvement, the alchemical art of transforming the dross into gold.

You aspire to a journey of self-evolution that’s not all hard work and grit. You’re sooo willing to do the work, but there should be tasty side dishes of delight, and even extended main courses of pleasure (despite the fact it often feels like there’s a pleasure famine in your life!).

Secretly you suspect you’re amazing. And you’re right! When you tap a clear line to your own extraordinary wisdom and guidance, there is no limit to how bright your light will shine or how far it will travel.

If you want to live your big dreams with as much energy, love and joy as possible, I’m here to support you in this creative art of being yourself!

It's time to move away from trying to be everything & closer to who you really are.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been both pragmatist & fantasist.

I grew up in outback Australia, where the skin of the earth is still visible. My practical desire to know how things work and fit together was nurtured by a country childhood with sheep and cattle; while my imagination wandered across the endless horizons. Thus, I discovered there was magic all around us, and it is this sense of wonder that I bring to my work.

Like most little girls, from the youngest age I loved dressing up (and I still love any opportunity to dress-up). I dreamed of wearing beautiful gowns and jewels that transported me to other worlds. So I followed my imagination by becoming a jeweller – fuelling my fascination for the art of glamouring. And the deeper arts of tapping the energy inherent in natural materials.

Jewellery, for me, is about accessing other forms of reality. So that we can leave behind the lacklustre and the ordinary.

Consider the alchemy that creates a gemstone, its colour forged in darkness under great pressure and heat, over millions of years. And yet the beauty that results is only revealed when it comes into the light.

Consider the power of jewellery, through history and across time, to transform the wearer, to tap into some secret and innate energy that we barely know we have – and to manifest this in the world.
So that every time we wear that jewel we feel so much more ourselves.

Born with a Mercury Star of Destiny, my desire to wander, explore and discover has propelled many adventures.

My jewellery artwork has been exhibited around Australia and internationally. It’s in the collection of Australia’s major museums. I’ve designed built-in artwork for public spaces, and collaborated with some of Australia’s best fashion designers. It also led to international art residencies, and helped me pursue my wanderlust – from Barcelona to Kyoto, Birmingham to Marrakech, New York to Havana.

I found astrology by accident, and became obsessed – fascinated by the power of this symbolic system to decode our deepest self. I’m now a certified Soul Level Astrologer, a system developed by Mark Borax and founded in the Star Genesis of Elias Lonsdale. The antecedents to this system are Mark Edmund Jones, Dane Rudhyar and Rudolf Steiner.

Perhaps my most serious adventure was a PhD in Creative Philosophy. Yet, even as I graduated with a doctorate, I could feel that I had only scratched the surface of something much larger and more mysterious than the intellect could ever access.

And we can only access it through developing the deep awareness of coming home, to our bodies and our selves.

Jeweller, artist, astrologer, doctor, creative philosopher, magic-maker.

As the mistress of many things, whatever I’m doing is about connecting the dots between all the stuff that really matters.

I love that through my work I’m able to combine everything: the art of designing and the art of divination; nerdy doctoral research; the practical mystic’s connection with earth elementals and matter; a decades-old interest in ancient feminine energy & spirituality; even a broadened understanding of Wholistic well-being that sprang from working through my own health challenges, (+ the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo – but that’s an astro-story for another time…)

My research and my experience have helped me to understand that there is a deep intelligence within our bones, our blood, our cells, and our souls, that the modern world has forgotten. Science is only now slowly beginning to recognise this, which is why I love exploring the frontiers where science and spirit converge.

With the insatiable curiousity and creative vision of an artist I collect and gather, re-purpose and re-assemble stories, symbols, ideas and information, in the process of shaping new worlds.

Mistressing what matters, sparking little revolutions, relighting beacons, remembering what’s real… these are the things that light me up!

If you got this far – congrats for wading through all those words.  Want to read more musings on life in the multiverse? Visit my Field Notes blog where I like to explore the frontiers and fringes between science and spirit (& yes, this is a very broad spectrum*).

(*my magical quest invokes animism, astrology, fashion, history, philosophy, psychology, etymology, linguistics, myth and anthropology, deep ecology, neuro-science, subtle energetics, alternative health, and just plain nosiness – if we should meet I’m probably gonna ask you a lot of questions).

Photo of Dr.Diane Nhele Keynes by Allison Davies (New Hybribies, early this century)

"When we embody the gift that we are, we find a wisdom and ease that has the power to heal our hearts, our minds and the planet."