Hi, I’m Doctor Jewels, artist, alchemist, maker, mentor… mistress of many things, master of none. Because I believe we need less ‘controlling’ and ‘mastering’ of things. And we need more ‘flow’. As the mistress of many things, whatever I’m doing, I’m always connecting the dots between pleasure, self-worth, and purpose + those other things that really matter. Because I’m obsessed with what matters, I want to know what really matters to you? What gifts do you offer the world? My work is to help you be more of that. By tapping into that mysterious, intangible essence we all have, that’s almost extinct and needs to be salvaged. When you have a deep down feeling of your essential value, and how you’re using it to create change, I make it tangible by distilling that power into your own vision jewel. If you’re not yet sure what that essence is, my job is to uncover it. And help you embody and fully express it. Then we can make you a jewel. These vision jewels are constant reminders and pathfinders. So you can be who you really are. And get on with changing the world.
So how do I do this?
By blending in-depth (doctorish) expertise on well-being (science and spirit) with intuitive insight (astrology) and the jeweller’s art (combining beautiful gems into original designs that become long-term treasures).

what matters to me: Innovation, creativity, beauty, blended with enthusiasm* (*en-theos = inspired, infused with gods*) and a healthy dose of meaning. Underpinned by a love of open horizons, an insatiable curiousity, and a deep reverence for matter.

I do what I do because I believe that when we come home to our selves we access a powerful intelligence and ease that has been lost in modern life. This is the paradigm shift from ‘ego’ to ‘eco’* (*eco actually means ‘home’). When we’re at home in ourselves all our relationships change. New vistas open. Magic, mystery and wonder are restored to the world. And it’s this ancient yet entirely fresh reality that heals our hearts, our minds and the planet.
Outback Australia where the skin of the earth is still visible
For as long as I can remember I’ve been a mix of pragmatist and fantasist. I grew up in outback Australia, where the skin of the earth is still visible. My practical desire to know how things work and fit together was nurtured by a country childhood with sheep and cattle; while my imagination wandered across the endless horizons. Thus, I discovered there was magic all around us, and it is this sense of wonder that I bring to my work. Like most little girls, from the youngest age I loved dressing up (and I still love any opportunity to dress-up). I dreamed of wearing beautiful gowns and jewels that transported me to other worlds. So I followed my imagination into a career in jewellery – which fuelled my fascination for the art of glamouring. And the energy within the materials.
Jewellery, for me, is about accessing other forms of reality. To not have to live in the lacklustre and the ordinary.
Consider the alchemy that creates a gemstone, its colour forged in darkness under great pressure and heat, over millions of years. And yet the beauty that results is only revealed when it can reflect the light. Consider the power of jewellery, through history and across time, to transform the wearer, to tap into some secret and innate energy that we barely know we have, and to manifest it in the world. So that every time we wear it we feel so much more ourselves. For what is jewellery if not a call to pleasure, a call to appreciate our extraordinary selves? As a jeweller, my work has been exhibited around the world and collected by major museums. I’ve designed built-in artwork for public spaces, and collaborated with some of Australia’s best fashion designers. Being an artist also led to international art residencies, and helped me pursue my wanderlust – from Barcelona to Kyoto, Birmingham to Marrakech, New York to Havana. Along the way, at a time in my life when things had fallen apart, I found astrology by accident, and became obsessed. I became obsessed because I was at a crossroads, and I wanted to know what makes me special. And since I had really high hopes of what I would find, I’ll admit that initially I was a bit disappointed. But it had promise… Over time I came to understand it was about what I chose to look at, and how it was interpreted. The individual blueprint of the astrological birth chart fascinates me as a way to decode the mystery of who I am. Now that’s what I do for others too. My thirst to discover then impelled me to do a PhD (yes, I really am a doctor). Yet even this only scratched the surface of something much larger and more mysterious than the intellect could ever access. I began to understand there is a deep intelligence within our bones, our blood, our cells, that the modern world had forgotten and that science is only now beginning to recognise. Just as the stars reveal a much larger design for our lives, so there is an innate wisdom in the microcosm as well. And we can only access it through developing the deep awareness that comes through living in our bodies (not in our thoughts). So I started to combine everything: ~ jewellery, academic research, my fascination with astrology, ~ my understanding of earth elementals and materials, ~ my decades-long interest in feminine spirituality and wholistic well-being… Now I think of myself as a practical mystic. With the insatiable curiousity and creative vision of an artist I collect and gather, re-purpose and re-assemble stories, ideas, information, to shape stuff that matters. And I’m on a mission to re-connect women with that internal beacon that lights the path not yet walked. Do you have a divine sense of what you want to create in this lifetime – and you just need a little help getting there?

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If you’ve got this far – congrats for wading through all those words. And I’d love you to come over and visit my Field Notes blog where I like to explore the fringes between science and spirit (& this is a very broad subject*). (*my curiosity covers animism, astrology, fashion, history, philosophy, psychology, etymology, linguistics, myth and anthropology, ecology, neuro-science, subtle energetics, alternative health, and just plain nosiness – if we meet I’m probably gonna ask you a lot of questions).