About me

Hi, I’m Sheridan (aka Doctor Jewels).
Artist, writer, teacher, philosopher, animist, pioneering spirit.

I’m obsessed with things that matter.
How about you?


What I do: body intelligence + soul mapping + vision making

My work straddles the ancient & the modern, because I believe in the power of magic, mystery and wonder to heal us and the planet.

I work with body & soul intel because I believe that when we come home to our selves we access a powerful intelligence & ease that has been lost in modern life.

It’s this power & ease, applied in your life, that creates the change you want to see in the world.
Because as women we need to shift the way we’re ‘doing’ work and life.

How we are being, more than what we do, has a profound impact on everything.

My prescription: pleasure x purpose x presence = power3

My potion: inventiveness, creativity, insight, blended with enthusiasm, (*en-theos, infused with god*) and a healthy dose of meaning. Underpinned by a love of open horizons, an insatiable curiousity, and a deep reverence for matter.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been a mix of pragmatist and fantasist.
I grew up in outback Australia where the skin of the earth is still visible.
My practical desire to know how things work and fit together was nurtured by a country childhood with sheep and cattle; while my imagination wandered across the endless horizons.

Through that experience I discovered there was magic all around us, and it is this sense of wonder that I bring to my work.

Like most little girls, from the youngest age I loved dressing up (and I still love any opportunity to dress-up).
So I followed my imagination into a career in jewellery – which fueled my fascination for glamouring.

What is jewellery if not a call to pleasure, a call to appreciate our extraordinary selves?
Because pleasure is the antidote to all the stresses of our everyday world.

A piece of jewellery lights up your day, turns the simplest and plainest of outfits into something special, and every time you wear it you feel so much more yourself.

As a jeweler, my work has been exhibited around the world and collected by major museums. I’ve designed built-in artwork for public spaces, and collaborated with some of Australia’s best fashion designers. Being an artist also led to international art residencies, and helped me pursue my wanderlust – from Barcelona to Kyoto, Birmingham to Marrakech, New York to Havana.

My thirst to discover then impelled me to do a PhD (yes, I really am a doctor). Yet even this only scratched the surface of something much larger and more mysterious than the intellect could ever access.

So I started to combine everything:
~ jewellery, academic research, my fascination with astrology,
~ my understanding of earth elementals,
~ my decades-long interest in feminine spirituality and well-being…

Now I think of myself as a practical mystic.

With the insatiable curiousity and creative vision of an artist I collect and gather, re-purpose and re-assemble stories, ideas, information, to make stuff that matters.

And I’m on a mission to re-connect women with that internal beacon that lights the path not yet walked.

Do you have a divine vision of what you want to create in this lifetime – and you just need a little help getting there?

Tell me more

Come over and visit my Field Notes blog where I like to explore the fringes between science and spirit (and this is a very broad subject*).

(*my curiosity covers animism, astrology, fashion, history, philosophy, psychology, etymology, linguistics, myth and anthropology, ecology, neuro-science, subtle energetics, alternative health, and just plain nosiness – if we meet I’m probably gonna ask you a lot of questions).