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The natural wisdom of Libra: finding balance in motion

September’s equinox signals the Sun’s ingress into Libra.  And, as the Sun crosses the equator, day and night are exactly the same length. Ancient people were much more in tune with seasons, so it’s no coincidence that Libra is the sign that represents balance.

The equinox marks a turning point and the need to adjust and realign with changing temperatures and daylight hours.

We can understand Libran energy more clearly by tapping into the natural wisdom of the seasons.

If it’s spring we think about ‘spring cleaning’, of our houses, bodies, even our minds. Throwing off the stodginess of winter foods and feeling our muscles relax into the warmth of summer. If September means winter, as it does in the traditions of the North (which we still hold to in the South – making for a bit of a topsy-turvy effect ), then it’s a time for consolidation after the pleasures of summer. Virgo is the harvest sign, and with the harvest now collected Libra prepares the village to hunker down for winter.

For those born when the Sun is in the sign of Libra, balance becomes an important theme in your life. This doesn’t mean you’re born knowing all about balance and how to do it, or that your inability to find balance is an indication you’re a failed Libra!

It simply means that discovering the art of balance is part of your lifetime’s work. Your experiences, your talents, your challenges will all be woven through with what you discover, and what balance means to you.

There’s much to learn from Libran energy about seeking equilibrium while also being in relationship with all things.

While those who have strong Libra in their chart are overtly working with the theme of balance, there’s very few of us who aren’t trying to find our ‘centre’ in the midst of exciting and chaotic lives.

This is not helped by the fact that many of us in this modern world are living split lives.
Maybe it’s that our work, where we spend the majority of our time and energy, is ultimately unsatisfying and purposeless. For some it’s a feeling of being an outsider in your family of birth, leading to a strange sense of exile, split off from the ‘tribe’. Or perhaps we love our partner dearly but the compromises we make in the relationship leave us feeling that something is blocked within us, or in the atmosphere between us.

More recently I’ve met people for whom this split comes from a sense that they are not of this world, because they feel so estranged from this earth reality. For these people it seems like either the world is just a weird, confusing place, or they’re the weird ones. (Let me just say, it’s not you, it’s this bizarre unbalanced social system that we live in!)

Libran energy is about learning how to relate with reciprocity and cooperation in a world that seems greedy and self-serving to the core. Mostly this has to be learnt through living it.

We lose our balance when we’re split off from some sense of feeling ‘true’ to the self. Like a carpenter with a ‘spirit level’, Librans are ‘truing’ themselves – bringing the self into the exact position or form required – in the face of forces which would resist balance.

A perfect symbol for this is not the weighing scales often associated with Libra, but the dynamic looping of the infinity sign. This symbol reveals the movement of energy that happens when scales or pendulums seek the balance point. It gives us a clearer understanding of how to work with energy to be in balance, rather than to simply observe it without feeling it in our bodies.

The natural world reveals balance to be a dynamic equilibrium. A continual movement between polarities that underpins the foundational electromagnetic energy of our bodies and the earth.

Here is the real secret at the core of Libran wisdom: balance is the continual motion back and forth between opposites. There is no permanent safe harbour, where the still centre is fortified against the crashing chaos of life. For that would end up being resistance, and a state of siege. Very un-Libran.

Instead Librans need to call upon their air element, to practice lightness in the face of heaviness, and movement when confronted by rigidity. Librans are cultivating the ability to continually return to balance. This is not the about holding fast to a position, it’s the ability to flow easily as air.

When Libra is emphasised in your chart, you’re not a fence sitter as many like to say. Yes, Libra vacillates, but this is only a negative trait in a world fixated on dualistic thinking. Your vacillation is not indecision, it’s the evasion of rigid and fixed states. There’s no balance to be found there.

The Libran soul finds centre while in motion between the dualities.

Through Libra we learn how to pull off a balancing trick where one thing never dominates another, and thus each is able to find their place of ease and grace in the world.

On seeking balance and finding the way through

Twice a year we are reminded, by the wisdom of the natural world, about cultivating the art of balance.

As the sun hovers on the equator ready to favour either the northern or the southern hemisphere, thus heralding the onset of winter or the approach of warmer times, there is a moment of perfection. A moment of equanimity. A moment of being able to embrace the whole view, without fear or favour.

A moment that passes just as instantaneously.

And this is enough to remind us humans that our constant aspirations to perfection and equilibrium can only ever be fleeting. Because equilibrium is never stasis, it has to be found in dynamic motion.

For millenia we’ve used these cornerstone moments to divine the spirit of the times and listen to messages about the way through.

So I asked the stars today, what is the zeitgeist in action now? And what insights offer the keys to opening impasse, and unblocking the evolutionary forces, so we can gain passage through into the spaces our hearts crave?



This year’s Aries Equinox combines with a Full Super Moon in Libra (‘super’ because of its proximity to earth).  A phenomenon that occurs every 19 years or thereabouts.

Many astrological blogs will be speaking of the Spring Equinox for this moment of fresh starts. Once again, those of us in the southern hemisphere are dominated by the mindset of the north. To what degree this reflects much of the exclusivity of our times, where one point of view dominates over another is a rich topic that deserves a much fuller exploration. Can we in the south re-write and re-story such archetypal models as the astrological system? Do we succumb and follow the system? Do we find a new system more relevant to our own locale and experience of the natural cycles? I leave these questions to another time… and instead return to the cosmic shout-out of this particular moment, 21st March 2019.

Because this juncture of time is unique, and the astrological players signal this is so.

The fresh energy of the astrological new year with Sun in the first degree of Aries and the Moon in the first degree of Libra (in full and glorious opposition to each other), is tempered and coloured by volatile forces and destabilising rumblings that have been going on below the surface of our personal and collective worlds for some time now…


How do things begin? Do they begin from nothing? Or from a slight shift on what’s already been? Or via some cataclysmic wake up call? Or all of the above?

The fresh energy of Aries, launching with a childlike enthusiasm (into a northern spring), comes into opposition with Libran beginnings which are gestating something entirely different  – a vessel for a new kind of future. One that will move us beyond our naive faith in the security of the current system. One that will show us the way through the drama of a world trying to hold onto what is way past its use by date, visions of ‘progress’ that have festered and soured in the collective psyche.

This equinox Sun with it’s close conjunction to Chiron is unable to shake free of the past and charge forth without complications or entanglements. Chiron weighs down the winged boots of Aries. Events like the bizarre divisiveness engendered in response to the NZ massacre of more than 40 people in a place of worship shows the gaping chasm between our white world and a bright future.

The nourishing and growth of our own self-love is the true aspiration of our astrological sun.

Working with Chiron, the Sun is called to bridge this chasm between the wound at our deepest core and the truth field of love. Whatever the wound, it can be traced to the same seeds: shame, guilt, fears of not being enough, of not being lovable.
Though we become adept at sidestepping and covering these over with ego justifications, this is the stuff standing in the way of whatever future we desire – whether it is one of glowing health, abundance, deep love and acceptance (substitute your core craving at this point in time).  Whatever the core wound, it blocks us from fully loving ourselves, in all our imperfection and failings, in all our grandeur and giftedness.

Meanwhile the Libran super moon is reflecting on how we meet and relate to the world in our full selfness – and to what degree we allow the world to meet us.

Libra’s traditional designation is the sphere of relationships. What kind of relationship do you have with the world? Are you bargaining your truth for security? Are you opening to possibility or are you blocking it with compromise and fear?

We’ve witnessed #metoo and the fallout from ousting ‘toxic masculinity’. But how prepared are we to be honest about ‘toxic femininity’? It seems particularly fitting that this archetypal balancing act of masculine and feminine ( Mars ruled Aries sun in opposition to Venus ruled Libran Moon ) is at the centre of this Equinox Full Moon.

Is this the full, clear sight of each other, and the other within ourselves? Or are we still making the other into the enemy?

At this same moment, there is a celestial square between Venus and Mars, suggesting that we still have a long way to go before we get through this.

These energies throw up challenges not only in relation to partners, but also in relation to whatever is blocking our own sense of wholeness – the divine masculine or feminine within.

This bickering god and goddess are pressured by expansionary Jupiter and the North Node of destiny because all are sitting at the potent and challenging degree frequency 24. This frequency is the underworld rumbling of complete change. It says we need to go in, all the way in, to face whatever is impeding our destiny.

This, then, is the zeitgeist of the Equinox moment: to face whatever is holding back our access to the force field of love.

If you’re feeling the upending of things long considered safe or sacred, if you’ve been stuffing down emotions and sidestepping that little voice inside you that says ‘it’s time’, then like the canary in the coal mine you are sensing these powerful forces at work in the current zeitgeist.

These forces are very different to those symptoms of the actual disease, like the political manoeuvres of deluded leaders, or the glyphosate conspiracies by Monsanto-Bayer. I’m talking of the non-human forces, the ones our rational, progress oriented world view has been invested in hiding, ignoring, denying for so long.

This Equinox energy says we can be anything we have it in us to be.
This is not the same as saying we can be anything.

What kind of vessel are you making of yourself now? How are you a conduit for future worlds now coming into form?