Vision Jewels

What are you creating now, for your future?

Do you have a vision? A grand, achingly beautiful version of the world that you want to live in?

Or a quiet vision kept close to your heart, watered with love and waiting to grow?

I work with women (and the men that love them ….) to create jewels that are containers for those visions of what you’re creating now, and for the future.


A vision jewel can be:

~ a reminder that encourages you to follow your visionary intentions,
~ a symbol of devotion, a commitment, a promise,
a pathfinder jewel that dissolves self doubt and shows you that you have everything you need to be exceptional.

Imagine a jewel that lights up your day.

Imagine a jewel that is a reflection of your own beautiful presence. Holding the vision of your own, sure value. When you wear it you feel so much more your extraordinary self, and the radiance you’re rippling through the world.

My commitment is to help you to find that piece of jewellery.

Custom designed jewels that reflect your intentions

Perhaps the ring you’re searching for is a sacred* jewel, a sign of love, of an exclusive devotion or a promise.
{*sacred: exclusively dedicated – usually to a god, or spirit, or a spiritual purpose – from pp sacre – consecrete; sacrare from Latin, meaning ‘holy’.}

It could be a betrothal ring (so much more sacred than an ‘engagement’!), a symbol of commitment, and of what you intend to grow together.

Or it could be a self-love ring, or earrings, or a pendant that simply celebrates the joy of being you.
Because our real value is found through the experience of our own beauty.
So this jewel symbolises your devotion to your own precious being, and inspires you every time you wear it.

Perhaps it’s a piece that commemorates a momentous occasion.

Or it’s simply an excuse to turn treasures, inherited or collected, into something you would really love to wear.

Whatever the reason, this is a piece of jewellery that expresses what is unique and valuable about you, or someone you love.

To find out more about the process visit the custom design process page.

“I loved the process of getting my own jewellery made and felt completely understood…

The outcome is both exciting and new and at the same time exactly what I was looking for.
I am completely in love with my earrings and they feel very special to wear. It is a conscious stepping-up moment to put them on and then start my work. I feel confident and aligned wearing them. I am now in the process of fitting my wardrobe around them and also I enjoy that a lot.”
Kirana Haag, artist at Heal Heart with Art.

Make the old new again by Rejewellerating
Do you have a pile of old jewellery that you never wear – maybe you inherited it, or maybe it’s from another lifetime when you were a totally different person?

Maybe you’ve just emerged from a troubling divorce and you need to design a more life-affirming relationship – with yourself. Create a ‘right-hand ring’ and transform your wedding and engagement rings into a piece of jewellery that reflects your new identity.

Or perhaps it’s simply a ring where you love the stones but the design needs a freshen up…

“Its soooo pretty. I just love it. I love it even more than the individual rings I originally had. I am complimented all the time about the ring. I’m sure it will be in my family for many generations to come.
Sheridan is so creative, patient and supportive. She’s also very clever and it shows in her work.
Going through so much personal transition, forming my new ring, the conversations about it, what it meant, what I wanted it to be helped me form who I was transitioning into as well. Fabulous process.

I don’t have very much experience with jewellers and jewellery design. Taking this project on was a bit scary as I’ve never done anything like it before. Sheridan understood the emotional issues and challenges and worked with me to create something very special.
The ring is more precious to me than I originally thought it was going to be. It’s not just rocks, gems and metal… it’s about honouring myself and regaining my power to create myself and my life.”

Jen Harwood, motivational speaker, business coach and author of The Greatness Principle.

Create your own symbolic vision jewel
For more details about how we make your piece of jewellery happen, check out the process we go through and then get in touch with me today. Let’s see if my process fits your visionary designs for your future.

When it comes to your design, I’m committed to making sure you are fully satisfied with it every step of the way, so that you can be sure of getting a jewel that is exactly what you want.

This also means leeway for my creative skills and intuition. If you already have a fixed idea of what you want your piece of jewellery to look like, perhaps I’m not the jeweller for you…

If you’d like me to tap into your vision and give it a form then let’s work together!

Let’s talk about your jewel.