Jewellery Care Instructions

Your piece of Sheridan Kennedy jewellery is produced from high quality materials and hand crafted to a high standard.

When not wearing your jewellery, store it out of direct sunlight, preferably in a box or other safe place. Prolonged exposure to light may affect metal colour and cause tarnishing. Don’t keep metal jewellery in damp places as this may also affect the colour.

After applying make-up, sunscreen, hair products, etc. wash hands before touching jewellery as these products will cause tarnishing.

Over time your piece will accumulate soap & dirt from skin, hand products etc.

It is recommended that to keep it looking it’s sparkling best, that you clean it every month or two. Clean using mild soap (eg: dishwashing liquid) in warm water. Soak the piece for 10 mins then clean around and behind the stones, or hard-to-get-at areas, with a soft toothbrush.

Use a ‘silver cloth’ to keep silver clean and/or a chemical cleaning product such as ‘silvo’, silver dip or jewellery dip.

Jewellery cleaning clothes are also suitable for gold and stones.

Never ‘dip’ non-porous gems like coral, shell, turquoise, amber, bone & pearls in proprietary cleaning products, even if they are called “Jewellery cleaners”.
The product may discolour or ruin porous gemstones.

Hard precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, citrine, amethyst, amazonite, agate, quartz, chalcedony and chrysophase should be fine for use in “Jewellery Dips”. Always read instructions before use.

Please note “Silver Dips” and silver cleaning products do not contain the same ingredients as “Jewellery Dips” and may not be appropriate for gemstones. Always follow the instructions.

Silver tarnishes with wear, however gold is usually OK over a period of time. If your gold discolours you can clean it using the above jewellery cleaners. However if it becomes quite dark it may be reacting to acidity in the skin. Seek advice from myself or another reputable jeweller.

Gold plated pieces should last for some years if not worn everyday as the gold plating is of high quality.

If you have a large and valuable stone, or a multitude of stones, it is recommended that you check the security of the stone’s setting every few months by simply tapping or pushing with your fingernail to make sure there is no movement. This may be difficult when the stones are small so, as a rule of thumb, have the settings checked every year, especially if you wear the piece everyday.

If there is movement in any stone please notify me immediately or take to a reputable jewellery to have the settings tightened.

If not worn daily, please have your piece checked and professionally cleaned every two to three years. Notify me, or ask a reputable jeweller to check all the settings and clean.

It has been a pleasure to design this piece for you.

May it bring you many years of joy.