There are many ways to approach astrology.

I call my process “Soul-Mapping” because it considers the chart as a symbolic map you can use to navigate the challenges or gifts that are part of your unique character.

It’s not about having a pre-determined fate because you always have the choice of how you deal with whatever happens to you, and your response can then alter what happens next.

It can also reveal the energies at play between yourself and others. Or how to work with current events so you can meet difficulties or be ready for opportunities coming your way.

The Mini-Reading

Are you new to astrology readings that use your personal birth chart to give you greater insight into your path and purpose?

Or perhaps you’ve had a reading with me before and want insight into a specific question or situation?

The mini-reading is a great way to get a succinct overview of yourself and your current situation .

If you’re trying to make sense of a recent event, or you just want a ‘big picture’ view of who you really are, this 30 minute session will leave you with greater clarity, while also giving you some practical action steps to implement immediately.

It’s a ‘taste’ of my Soul-Mapping process and will give you fresh insights and real-world applications.

Investment: $95 for 30 minutes.

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While this session will give you clarity, it is not possible to address the full complexity of your chart or situation in 30 minutes, which is why I also offer Soul-Mapping in greater detail.

Soul Mapping Sessions

What is your soul purpose and how can you live it with clarity and ease?

We can become so confused about why we’re really here when in fact our purpose is simple – it’s all about being more of who we really are, with as much energy, courage and joy as we can muster.

If you ask “who am I really?”, if you want more meaning, if you want to live your best life, or even if you feel like you’re stuck and struggling, then the Soul-Mapping process is for you.

The Soul-Mapping process reveals you own unique map of power, and helps you to:

  • clarify your  purpose,
  • un-knot recurring conflicts,
  • unlock the gift that you are for the world
  • re-write your personal mythology into more empowering stories of who you are.

You may have had astrology readings in the past. This is more than a ‘reading’ because it also includes Bodyfulness practices that take astrology off the page and into reality of your daily life.

I believe in the dancer’s creed: “knowledge is a rumour until it’s in the muscles”.

So while you may ‘know’ what you should do about something, that’s very different to actually doing it! And it’s only when we’ve actually embodied what we know, when it is part of our muscle memory, can we bring it to play in those challenging scenarios when we find ourselves back in in a tail spin or the same old ‘here we go again’.

Astrology can show us the energies we’re working with, but for this to move from being an intellectual understanding to a lived understanding we have to bring it home to our bodies. We have to recognise how it works in our everyday lives. And how to call on our new knowledge when we most need it.

That’s why my Soul-Mapping sessions are not just lovely visions of what could be, they are also about taking practical measures to bring your new knowledge into the real world.

There are 2 ways to approach the Soul-Mapping process: using the overview (the big picture); or using the view of the road ahead.

The Body+Soul Code shows is about how you approach the world and deepens your understanding of yourself.

The Body x Soul Timeline shows what energies are currently operating in your life and gives clues on how to work with them.

The Body+Soul Code sessions

Each individual’s astrology chart holds knowledge of your soul path. But this doesn’t have to remain encoded as esoteric and abstract knowledge that seems divorced from the dust and grind of daily reality.

The chart can also reveal how you can put this knowledge into practice in the real world, how to embody what it is you’re here to be, and the gifts you offer the world.

We’re unravelling your own unique soul codes and recognising how these work in your experience of the world. This is why I call it your Body+Soul Code sessions.

We include body-based awareness because when you learn to embody the energies at work within your astrology chart you gain greater understanding and learn more about how to work with ongoing or current challenges. And how to tap into your own intuitive guidance.

The aim is to help you reconcile conflicting emotions or ideas so you can get clarity, or make sense of something you’re struggling with or have big questions about – like ‘why is this happening?’ or ‘what is my purpose?’

Have you got stories about your life and your experiences that are holding you back?

Imagine if you could rewrite your stories to create a more empowering reality.

This is something that working with your personal astrology makes possible.
When you can tell a new story, one that is the truth about who you are, then you can play in a field of new possibilities!

You’ll gain greater knowledge of yourself, what you really want, what’s getting in your way, and how to use it to your advantage.

You’ll also learn how to develop your own way of dealing with internal conflicts so they cease to control you.

Investment: $250 for 2 sessions: an initial session & a short follow-up session.

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The Body x Soul Timeline session

This session uses the soul-map of your astrology chart to navigate your current circumstances, by focusing on what particular Body+Soul Codes are showing up in the next 6 to 12 months.

The aim is to give you a more personalised and more embodied awareness of how certain energies are manifesting for you now, as well as practical ways of working with them.

You get insight into what’s arising now and how best to optimise your current opportunities or handle any current challenges.

This is not predictive astrology. It’s not about what will happen.
This is about the energies you’re ‘surfing’ right now. I consider your astrology chart as a map, and we use it to plot a course.
It’s an overview and there is no prescribed destination.

It’s like opening a window so you have a clearer view of what’s currently going on.
Plus it’s one of the more insightful, adaptive and fun ways to navigate the soul’s path.

This session is best for those who’ve already had an astrology reading with me, although this is not a requirement. We don’t go into depth about your natal chart, although we do need your birth time to create the timeline.

Investment: $195 for 1 hour.

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