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Your astrological chart is an evolutionary map for your soul

There are many ways to approach astrology. I call my process “Soul-Mapping” because it considers the chart as a symbolic map you can use to navigate the challenges or gifts that are part of your unique character.
It’s not about having a pre-determined fate because you always have the choice of how you deal with whatever happens to you, and your response can then alter what happens next. It can also reveal the energies at play between yourself and others. Or how to work with current events so you can meet difficulties and be ready for opportunities coming your way.

What is your soul purpose and how can you live it with clarity and ease?

We can become so confused about why we’re really here when in fact our purpose is simple – it’s all about being more of who we really are, with as much energy, courage and joy as we can muster.
If you ask “who am I really?”, if you want more meaning and you want to be your best possible self, or even if you feel like you’re stuck and struggling, then the Soul-Mapping process is for you.

If you’re new to the idea of using your personal birth chart for greater insight than you can start with a Venus Codes reading. This is a 30 minute session, which gives you insight into your Venus qualities and challenges you face in love and self-worth.

The longer Soul-Mapping sessions are more in-depth  and we can go into much greater detail about the whole chart.

The Venus Codes

Venus in your natal chart shows you how to experience the joy of being yourself – and to live more of that joy.

In a society focused on “doing”, we can often forget how to “be”. Wherever Venus is in your chart gives a depth of insight into the treasures you offer the world – and the challenges you must face to BE that gift.

For those new to astrology, this is a great place to start.  If you’re already familiar with your chart and simply want to have more in depth insight into the very valuable but often ignored role that Venus energies play in your life, this short session will give fresh insights and daily practices that will help you to live more fully and freely. 

Investment: $80 for 30 minutes.

Bring soul insights into your daily life

When astrological insight is combined with Bodyfulness practices this takes astrology off the page and into reality of your daily life. We’re all aware that ‘knowing’ what to do doesn’t actually make the difference. The new habit or perspective has to be lived every day. And it’s only when we’ve actually embodied what we know, when it is part of our muscle memory, can we bring it into play in those challenging scenarios when we find ourselves back in a familiar tail spin or the same old ‘here we go again’.

Astrology shows the energies you’re working with, both as part of your soul journey, and in current events & situations.
Bodyful practices bring these soul insights home to your body and your daily life. Making wisdom an embodied experience makes it much easier to call on when you most need it.

This is why combining astrology with bodyful awareness helps you to take practical measures to bring new insights and understandings into the real world.

Pathfinder sessions

Navigate the path ahead with confidence & clarity

What’s showing up for you in the next 6 to 12 months? How can you best work with opportunities or challenges? This session does not “predict’ what will happen – we use your birth chart as a map for plotting the course.
~ Perfect for beginning new years or new projects.
~ Match your intentions and goals with the energies you’re ‘surfing’ right now.
~ Use insight & embodied awareness to deal with what’s showing up now, even when things are deeply challenging.
(If you prefer, you can use this session simply to explore your birth chart with more depth than possible in the mini-reading).
Investment: $150 for 60 minutes.

Soul-Mapping Sessions

Discover your own unique map to power.

Over two sessions (a total of just over 2 hours) you will be able to ask in depth questions that will give you the insight and confidence that enables you to be more of the gift that you are.
~ Clarify your  purpose,
~ Un-knot recurring conflicts and challenges.
~ Re-shape your personal mythology into more empowering stories.
~ Learn about your unique Body+Soul Codes so you can put your new insights to work in your daily life.
~Use the 2nd session to explore a particular area in more depth – or use it as a Pathfinder session to map current energies & opportunities.
Investment: $250 for 90 min with 45 min follow-up.

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“When we embody the gift that we are,
we find a wisdom and ease
that has the power to heal our hearts,
our minds and the planet.”