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Potent forces align for change

January 12, 2020. We can think of this particular juncture of astrological time as ‘cosmic acupuncture’. We’re experiencing particular ‘nodal point’ activations in a systemic treatment that has been taking place for the last year and will continue to be intensely at work at least into December 2020. This year initiates sweeping foundational change. Expect …

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Scorpio & the universal law of threefold return

Recently, I came across an old astrological diagram that applied the term ‘retribution’ to Scorpio. We’ve heard about Scorpio’s ‘sting in the tail’. Retribution is a stinging term – very Biblical in its implications. Scorpios get a bad rap in traditional astrology. They’re often characterised as inscrutable and occasionally morbid, even obsessive. It’s rather like …

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How to spend less time fixing yourself & more time being perfect

(Or: how jewellery, astrology & bodyfulness fit together)     I’ve finally faced the fact that I’m the kind of person who can’t just do one thing, because I end up being bored witless. The reason I decided to do a PhD was because hours at the jewellery bench had my thoughts wandering into ‘bad …

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