You are a gift.

Celebrate your brilliance.


your intentions with astrology & vision jewels

Tap into your gifts. Find your power.
Distil that magic into jewellery that celebrates who you are.


a piece of jewellery that lights up your day...

& every time you wear it you feel so much more yourself.
As a jeweller & alchemist, my work is all about supporting you in the fine art of being YOU.  So you can have more pleasure, purpose & ease.
And get on with changing the world.

Start here: discover your Elemental Essence
+ how to use gemstones, astrology & bodyfulness to support your intentions,
  so you can have more of what really matters to you.

Essential jewellery

for lovers, seekers & visionaries.

~ Are you seeking a symbol of love or commitment,  a promise to another –
or to yourself?
~ Are you crossing a threshold to a new beginning and feel the need for a pathfinder?
~ Are you a visionary, with a deeper purpose and want a tangible expression of the real value you’re rippling through the world?

A piece of jewellery that contains your desires and intentions breaths with you. It becomes a secret extension of yourself, revealing something intangible…& reminding you to live that everyday.
It’s a little piece of magic distilled into your own power jewel.

The Alchemical Mix:

Astrology, body-wisdom & your own power jewel

Whether you have a big picture desire to change the world, or you’re simply trying to navigate current opportunities & conundrums…

I create vision jewels to light your path & help you re-discover your brilliance, presence and power.

How do I do this? With an alchemical mix of ancient practices and future possibilities. A blend of doctoral expertise on well-being (at the intersection of science and spirit) with intuitive insight (astrology) and the jeweller’s art (combining beautiful gems into original designs that become long-term treasures).

Begin the voyage of discovery with Soul-Mapping.
We use your astrological birth chart to explore the gifts that are uniquely yours and to seek out what makes you feel alive.

Bodyfulness is the practice of that deep aliveness – to bring clarity to your vision and fill yourself with
the delight & satisfaction of being you!

It’s this intangible magic that gets distilled into your own personal power jewel.
A jewel that becomes your pathfinder, a daily reminder of your vision, and of the gift that you are.


Find out more about the power of astrology to provide insight, clarity & purpose


Learn how using your BQ (body intelligence) generates more ease & pleasure


Discover more about the creative mix of astrology, BQ & visionary Power Jewels

Limited-Edition & Bespoke Jewellery

Most popular jewellery
Topaz radiance Ring - 925 silver $790.00
The Golden Lotus Necklace - gold vermeil $320.00
Garnet Anemone Ring- 925 silver $690.00

Tap into your gifts. Discover your Elemental Essence & the energies you need to cultivate now
so that you can spend less time ‘working’ on yourself & more time being yourself.
+ learn all about the power gems that will support you on your mission!

Doctor Jewels' Field Notes

Notes on information & ideas that shape what matters. Blended with enthusiasm* and a healthy dose of meaning. Underpinned by a love of open horizons, an insatiable curiousity, & a deep reverence for matter.

“My work is all about restoring magic, mystery and wonder to the world.
Because I believe that this ancient, and yet entirely fresh reality
heals hearts, minds, and the planet.”