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Why you don’t want to be right

Saturn is currently marching through Scorpio [that’s if you’re reading this before October 2015!]– and all you Scorps with birthdays in mid-November are you feeling the pressure? Scorpio is always about lessons in power. Both clean and dirty. And Saturn can be so righteous. I’ve been getting lots of little messages about rightness and righteousness …

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Valentine, saint or sinner?

Half the population consider Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year and a great excuse for a night of indulgent dinner and loving each other up. The other half of the population (the cynics & the single) consider it a load of commercial cr*p, with florists, jewellers (yep, guilty), restaurants and innumerable others …

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Jewels tell stories

When I was about 10, I wrote my first novel, an epic adventure about a warrior princess. Painstakingly hand written in book format, I drew the cover design (on her chariot leading the troops – I think I’d just heard about Boadicea), stapled it together and presented it to my parents for their reading pleasure. …

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