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Radiance Ring


Tap into your own brilliance, the energy that lights you up from inside, with the Radiance ring. Topaz supports both creativity and self-expression.

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Tap into your own brilliance, your ability to enjoy the current of energy, the life force that runs through you; the energy that lights you up from inside.

Your radiance reminds others of the magic of life itself. When we shine we allow others around us to shine.

The Radiance ring is hand carved and cast in 925 silver, then set with a large light blue topaz.

The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit meaning ‘fire’, so we know that it was found from the earliest of times in Sri Lanka which is so rich with gemstones.

Like many precious gems, its qualities and properties have been called upon to cure diseases of the body, mind and spirit. It has symbolised divine goodness, faithfulness, friendship, love, sagacity, and the sun.

The light blue colour topaz is associated with the throat (or 5th) chakra, the site for self-expression, and speaking one’s truth.

Topaz amulets have been worn since ancient times to bring wealth and influence.
And according to gemstone lore a topaz ring confers financial success and advancement – pretty good for business women in fact!

It is used to improve vision – in the physical and the metaphysical sense, so it’s an excellent stone for clarifying your visions for the future.
The colour light blue is associated with the throat chakra, thus it supports both creativity and self-expression

This ring can be ordered in any size from L to Q. Once you’ve placed your order, please contact me with your ring size using this handy ring size guide.

925 silver with 16mm x 12mm light blue topaz.
dimensions: 30mm x 23mm x 14mm
weight: 12.6 grams.

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 32 mm