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Treasure Earrings with opal and emeralds


The one-of-a-kind Treasure earrings pair rich dark Australian Boulder opals with Brazilian emeralds in 18carat gold.

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The Opal & Emerald Treasure earrings are set in rough hewn gold as if they’ve been buried a thousand years and recently unearthed by a team of archeologists. What stories might they tell? The opals tell tales of of water from Gondwana’s great inland sea, the little emeralds crosses the sea from Brazil.
The joyous greens of these stones are sacred to the planet Venus, who invites us to be ourselves in all our glorious imperfections. We don’t emerge all smooth and perfect when we undergo the journey to be ourselves – our scrapes and scars tell our stories, rather like these earrings. Perfect jewels have the tales polished out of them, while these opals still celebrate the treasure that is this rich, diverse, imperfect world.

These unique one-of-a-kind earrings combine Australian Boulder opals and Brazilian emeralds set in hand-carved 18 carat gold.

Size of each earring is 21mm high x 7mm wide and 4mm deep. Each earring weighs less than 2 grams.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 g
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 4 mm





One of a kind: available now