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Porpoise ring


The Porpoise ring is designed for pleasure and comfort. This is no standard, conventional ring. Instead it thinks about the shape of your finger and what it feels like to wear so that it is as much about the experience as it is about what it looks like! Sterling silver is combined with a specially cut synthetic spinel gemstone.

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Smooth curvaceous silver encloses a ‘snub-nosed’ stone and snuggles ergonomically into the finger. The Porpoise ring is inspired by the sinuous curves of dolphins and the stone, a synthetic spinel, has been specially cut into a ‘sugar-loaf’ style setting to accentuate the movement and form.

Size O ½
Dimensions: L35mm x W23mm x D15mm.
Weight: 17.7grams.

See the ring sizing guide for help with choosing the correct ring size.

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Limited edition: available now