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Fast Sparkly Opal ring


A one-of-a-kind hand-carved modern sterling silver ring design offsets the sparkling boulder opal with its surface play of deep greens and blues.


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This one-of-a-kind opal ring combines the ancient and modern in a beautiful asymmetry. A boulder opal with its sparkling surface play of deep greens and blues is offset by the smooth swooping curves of the modern sterling silver setting. The stone is sourced from the Winton opal fields, where the remains of an ancient inland sea appear as flashing layers of colour in the earthy matrix.
This ring has been hand carved then cast in sterling silver.  It is unique as only one will be made.
Height to of top of opal from the finger is 10mm.

Ring size P. L42mm x W25mm x D32mm

For information on ring sizing please use the Ring size guide.


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