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Crustaceous Gloria ring

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Thinking to take over the world with your own flavour of fabulous? Crustaceous Gloria is your perfect EnerJewel.

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If you plan to take over the world with your own flavour of fabulous this is the ring for you!

Crustaceous Gloria is a fabulous beast, and the ownership of one of these species introduces you as a member of a rather exclusive club of glorious Crustaceous wearers.

Inspired by both sea shells and the ceilings of the Allahambra in Granada, Spain she is a hand carved beauty, cast in sterling silver. Her rather unusual shape is nevertheless very comfortable to wear, as no finger ever was round.

Like all good coral forms her decorative top is rather spikey and one needs to be restrained when wearing as she can become a glamourous weapon!

Dimensions: 32mm x 26mm x 17mm
Weight: 18.9grms
Ring size: M-O

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Weight 18.9 g
Dimensions 26 × 17 × 32 mm
Ring sizing

size M-O, size P-Q