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Asymmeria Chryspinner studs


Asymmetrical sterling silver mixed Flower studs with 6mm round green tourmalines, set in 9ct gold come apart to worn in different ways.

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If you like the idea of things being a little bit asymmetrical these pretty studs are subtly different but clearly related. The centre flower gently spins in the larger stud, while the smaller rose on the other stud reflects the gold of the tourmaline’s setting. All pieces come apart so the studs can be worn alone, with one flower or with both. The dark green 6mm round tourmalines have been sourced from Brazil.
Green tourmalines are considered soothing and healing in times of emotional stress, and are connected to the heart chakra.

Studs are slightly different sizes: large is 23mm round and 7mm deep; smaller is 18mm round and 7mm deep.


Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 7 mm




Limited edition: available now