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Lotus Flower pendant with ruby droplet


9 carat pink gold and sterling silver 12 petalled Lotus Flower pendant with ruby droplet.

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This beautiful Lotus Flower pendant combines 9ct gold and sterling silver with a fat ruby droplet. The pendant can be worn with either the gold or silver version of the lotus facing outwards.

The Lotus Flower is considered the Flower of Light – the result of the elemental combination of creative fire of the sun and the lunar powers of water. It symbolises spirit and matter as fire and water – depicted in the 12 petalled Lotus with 9ct gold (a solar metal) and Sterling silver (a lunar metal). The number 12 in many ancient cultural systems, such as astrology and the yearly calendar symbolises the complete cycle, combining both spirit and time. The ruby relates to the Root chakra and symbolises passion & courage to accomplish one’s will. It is the ancient birthstone for Leos. It also relates to Aries and Scorpio and enhances vitality for those who may feeling the lack of fiery energy..

9 carat pink gold, sterling silver and ruby.

Dimensions: L50mm x W25mm x D12mm.
Weight 6.8grams.
Chain length: 65cm with magnet clasp.