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Cryslace earrings with peridot


The Cryslace earrings, studded with a cluster of fresh green peridots are light and easy to wear.

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‘Combine the texture of tiny crystals with the delicacy of lace’ was my creative brief to myself when I carved these beauties. Like their sister earrings the Cryslace with Crystals these are light and easy to wear. Fresh green peridots give them a summery feel. The joyful peridot resonates with the heart chakra, alleviating heavy hearts and encouraging feelings of abundance. Peridots are connected to both the planet Venus and the sign of Leo.

 Dimensions: L50mm x W12mm x D10mm.
Weight: 3.8g per earring.

(please note that in the photograph these earrings may appear larger than their actual size. Please use the dimensions given above as a guide)