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Amethyst Pendulum necklace


An amethyst necklace, on a sterling silver chain, that converts into a pendulum.

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Pendulums are a fascinating way to follow your own truth path. Amethysts are traditionally used for protection, and for insight making them a perfect stone for a pendulum. Pale amethyst also corresponds to the Crown chakra. Wear the pendulum as a necklace, and remove it from the chain to use when needed.

If you’ve never used a pendulum begin by determining your “Yes” and “No”, which will vary from person to person. Holding the pendulum between thumb and forefinger repeat a statement that you know is true, with conviction, and observe the movement of the pendulum. We suggest you start with saying your own name. Then repeat a statement that you know is false, with conviction, and observe the pendulum. You may want to locate your ‘no’ by claiming your name is something that you know to be obviously wrong.

Sometimes it can take a while to get clear responses with a pendulum, but when you persist the pendulum’s response will become more distinct. If you’re a pragmatic person you may want to think of the divining capacity of the pendulum as similar to muscle testing.

Dimensions of amethyst pendulum: L65mm x W25mm x D25mm.
Belcher chain 42cm + pendulum chain 10cm. Equivalent to a 62cm chain.
Weight: 23.6grams.

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Limited edition: available now