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3 charm set – nugget, amethyst & infinity


The 3 charm set brings together the elemental energy of gold, the universal link of infinity, and the calming, protective qualities of amethyst. The charms can be worn together or singularly.

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The 3 charms: The Gold Nugget of Truth, Infinity 8 and Amethyst

the gold nugget of truth:

Elemental energy, pure potential is symbolism of gold since it never breaks down or looses its lustre. Here it’s embodied in it’s purest form – a 24ct gold nugget, raw and natural, shaped by the forces of the earth.

The nugget is for you if you’re seeking to remember and embody your intrinsic self-worth, the truth of who you really are, distilled into an alchemical essence.

Nuggets are naturally formed and will vary in size and are priced per gram. This one is 2 grams and comes with a certification of authenticity.

Infinity 8

The symbolism of infinity is the universal link and connector. Have you ever wondered why it also looks like the number 8?

Eight is considered very lucky in Chinese traditions, and across cultures it has symbolised perfection, completion, perfect rhythm, and the whole (there are 8 intermediate directions on the map)


The amethyst symbolises perfection, purification and divine protection. It aids in meditation, stilling thoughts and clearing the energy field of negative attachments. It identifies root causes behind patterns of imbalance. Associated with the 6th chakra and psychic/intuitive abilities.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 600 × 12 × 25 mm