Doctor Jewels is my alter ego, a blending of artist, artisan, object-maker, information catalyst, and personal alchemist.

The doctor of philosophy is the endlessly curious researcher in me, seeing the invisible connections between things, synthesising knowledge from both academic and esoteric worlds.

My official claim to the title = 5 years at the University of Sydney and an 80 000 word ‘Theory of Everything’.

As an artisan of well-being, I love helping you – and myself – to craft our best life by catalyzing knowledge, information, connections and experience into the practice of bodyfulness.

And  I also work in the very ancient tradition of power-object practitioners (POPs), where I’m following in the footsteps of ‘witchdoctors’ (also known across different cultures as shamans, sangomas, medicine-women…).

Simply put, this means that as a POP, I work with the energetic properties of materials to create bespoke power-jewels.


Keynes working in the field
Photo by Allison Davies