What we can do together

If you’re someone who’s on a mission to create a better, brighter and more beautiful world – whether through your work, or for your family, or for your own wellbeing – then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you recognise that feeling when something is calling you – something more life-affirming, even magical, is asking you to step up and ‘be the change you want to see’?

What I’m really obsessed with is helping women be energetically beautiful by re-connecting them with what really matters, so they can do the work they’re here to do in the world.

To make jewels that are more than a little magical I blend in-depth (doctorish) expertise on well-being (science and spirit) with the diviner’s insight (astrology) and the jeweller’s art (original designs that become long-term treasures).

We work together to align your soul purpose and your energetic presence. And then we distill that into your own unique vision jewel.

Let’s make magic!


You want to dive straight in? Lay the foundations by accessing your own natural energetic beauty. Being bodyful is the beginning of a personal revolution.

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Vision jewelry

Vision Jewels

Are you searching for a commitment ring to show your love for another?
Or a power jewel that keeps you focused on your Big Picture?

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If you’re the kind of woman who wants to head for the frontiers, to go where others fear to tread, then the Alchemy Program is designed for you.

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“If you are on a soul journey and want to know how to hook into your special powers that are unique to you, I strongly recommend  you invest in your self and have a session with Sheridan!”
Irena Geller, The Food Cravings Guru


“…I am blown away by the designs! They are so much better than I ever could have anticipated!”
Aaron Woods

“I love the ring! It’s everything I dreamed about, plus things I didn’t know I was dreaming about!”
Amy Harrad-Chantler

“Going through so much personal transition, forming my new ring… helped me form who I was transitioning into… It’s about honouring yourself and regaining your power to create yourself and your life.”
Jen Harwood, business coach & author, The Greatness Principle.