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Winged Cloud Amethyst earrings

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Do you love the idea of wings on your ears? Soar above the dross with Winged Clouds and sparkling nuggets of amethyst.

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Do you love the idea of wings on your ears? The beautiful Winged Clouds will have you soaring above the dross as sparkling nuggets of amethyst proffer divine protection and clarity of energy.

Drawn by hand then ‘3D printed’ in sterling silver, these swirling clouds are inspired by a woolly fleece on the old Australian $2 note.

925 silver with 24mm amethyst nugget.
dimensions: 65mm x 25mm x 15mm
weight: 7.8 grams each.

(please note that in the photograph these earrings may appear larger than their actual size. Please use the dimensions given above as a guide)

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 65 × 25 × 15 mm


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