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Stormy Seas Opal and Black Pearl necklace


A large sparkling boulder opal pendant is set in sterling silver with 18 carat gold highlights. Strung with black pearls and finished with a ‘frothy’ tassle of silver bead chain.

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The Stormy Seas pendant combines black pearls, the jewel of the seas, with a boulder opal from the dry heartland of Australia, where 90 million years ago the great inland sea began to evaporate and form opal deposits. The ‘frothy’ green sparkles of the opal, combined with the green-gray sheen of the pearls resemble the teal and grey frothy waves of a sea when a storm is coming.

Boulder opal, sterling silver, 18 carat gold highlights, and black pearls.

Dimensions of Opal: L45mm x W30mm x D10mm.
Length of pearl necklace: 48cm.
Length of tassle: 9cm.
Pendant sits just above the heart.


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