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Dreaming Cloud with ruby droplet

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Are you a visionary Рyet you struggle to bring your ideas into a solid form?  Then the Dreaming Cloud with the blood ruby droplet is an intention jewel that can help you to refine your ability to bring new ideas into the real world.

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A cloud is energy moving in and out of form, as water turns to vapour and back again. For this reason the Dreaming Cloud is a jewel for visioning what you want to create (what you desire to come into form). Because clouds respond to changes in the atmosphere it also symbolises enhanced intuitive awareness of the energies around you in any situation. The Celestial Sea symbol also appears on the chain. Its role is to remind the wearer that she is part of something so much larger than her single self.

Rubies symbolise the life-force itself, and because wearing a ruby stimulates the root chakra (chakra #1), and the flow of chi, they bring additional life force & vitality into your being. Perfect for enhancing courage and passion, strength, adventurousness & enthusiasm.

The Dreaming Cloud is for you if you need the energy and courage to bring new ideas into solid forms.

925 sterling silver with ruby on 80cm belcher chain.
Dimensions of pendant: 50mm x 25mm x 12mm

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Weight 7.5 g
Dimensions 800 × 12 × 50 mm