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Amethyst Crystal Nugget necklace

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This necklace of bright, light purple amethysts is adjustable and can be worn shorter or at medium length. Beautiful light purple amethyst stimulates intuition and is an excellent stone for enhancing your environment.

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Beautiful light purple amethysts stimulate intuition and is an excellent stone for enhancing your environment – so when you’re not wearing these beauties place them somewhere appropriate and let their subtle sweet energy clear your space. The stone brings the kind of insight and clarity that helps to identify damaging behaviours and beliefs, and to release and clear these.

15mm rough faceted nuggets of amethyst are paired with barrel forms. All the stones are beautifully included – inclusions in stones always have plenty of stories to tell! The silk cord can be adjusted to wear long (63cm) or shorter (43cm). The silk cord makes it very comfortable to wear.

Dimensions: amethysts vary in size, approx 15mm x 15mm
Length of necklace: 260mm silk cord 370mm for full length of 630mm. Can be shortened to 460mm.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 630 × 15 × 15 mm


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