Did you know that bodyfulness is the new mindfulness?

Learn 3 Pratices for tapping into your body’s innate intelligence, and why this will completely change the way you relate to yourself and to everyone else.

Find out where mindfulness gets it wrong, and why working on yourself is not producing the results you want.
Bodyfulness is a beautifully simple way to more confidence, joy and ease.

Join me for an informative and practical 2 hour mini-workshop. Cost: $50.

Workshop dates:
Monday 31st july 6pm to 8pm
Tuesday 4th September 6pm to 8pm

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“Thought-provoking, inspiring talk, debunking the Myths about Mind.”
Rachel Bourke, founder, Salesspace.

“Fantastic heart centred presentation on bodyfullness. Thank you for the gift.”
Susan Kath, Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach, About Nutrition

“Lots of useful takeaways to incorporate into my own bodyfulness” 
Virginia Muzik, copywriter, Write Noise

“Fabulous talk. Passionate, erudite and funny!”
Amanda Choy, director, Ourkindalife.

“It was just as awesome as I had anticipated.” 
Divya Hermani, Intinsic Brilliance Institute