Energise your intentions for 2018 with a bespoke EnerJewel


Part 1: work with me to design your enerjewel
Fri 11th Dec or Tues 15th (2 hours)

~ A bespoke experience where you choose your symbols & gemstones.

~ Work directly with the materials, both metals and gems, in this hands-on workshop.

Part 2: anchor the intention into the jewel
Fri 22nd Jan (2 hours)

~ Along with an small group we step through the process that anchors your intention into the piece.

What better way to continually remind yourself of your intention for 2018 then to wear a beautiful jewel?

And what if that jewel could be tailored to fit, like a bespoke suit?

The Enerjewels workshops is an opportunity for you work with me to create a piece of bespoke jewellery that matches your intention.

During this bespoke experience you and a maximum of 2 others will go through a process with me where you choose from a variety of symbols and gemstones that fit your intentions.

We then design these as a jewel that is perfect for you.

Whether the final piece is a ring, earrings or a necklace etc, will be affected by the symbols and gems that you choose.

In workshop part 2 (Jan 2018) you anchor the enerjewel to that to your intention.
It then becomes a symbol that not only reminds you of the path, but also continues to unravel it’s meaning as you wear it over time.

(Intention comes from the Latin root tendere – and means, literally, to stretch, or tend in a direction, for a purpose.)

While we may have a list of to-dos which will get us to a goal, what I’m really speaking of here is inspired intention – the act of designing our future-self, by bringing mind and body into alignment.

An EnerJewel is rather like an object of contemplation – and all you need to do is simply wear it. The action of putting it on, the sight of it in your peripheral vision, the weight of it, wearing it is a constant reminder of your intention.

Workshop details

Part 1: creating the jewel

What happens:

  • you receive a worksheet in advance to get you thinking about the intention or intentions that the jewel will contain for you, which may be specific to 2018 or more general.

On the day:

  • We look at symbols and gemstones appropriate to your intention. While I’ll guide you on making these decisions – ultimately the choices are yours.
  • I’ll also discuss symbols, meanings, gemstones and other components of the enerjewel with you as we go through the process.
  • The session will involve some quiet contemplation (guided meditation) so you’re using your imagination and senses to be sure the chosen symbol and gemstone resonate with your intention.
  • You’ll get clarity, not only on what gem & symbol is right for you, but also on the intentions your setting.
  • At the end of the session you’ll know what your jewel will look like, and the final cost of the piece.

In the interim between the workshops I make your piece that we’ve designed.

Part 2: anchoring your intention to the jewel

What happens:

  • You’ll receive your finished jewel.
  • I’ll describe the intention setting process, including details on how intention setting actually works.
  • As a group we’ll go through the process that anchors your intention into the piece so that you evoke the connected vision/experience whenever you wear it.
  • We’ll also cover how you keep ‘feeding’ the enerjewel so that it keeps you on path to realising that intention.
When & where?

Part 1: Choose from 2 days:

Friday 8th December from 10am to 12 noon or Tues 12th December from 10am to 12 noon
Location: To be confirmed

Part 2:

Jan 22nd from 10am to 1pm (this date may be negotiated with the participants depending on everyone’s availability)
Location: To be confirmed

How much?

$197 includes both sessions + the cost of the jewel itself.

Purchase Now

Want to more details? Email me doc*at*sheridankennedy.com or check out the links below.

More Information

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