Being Bodyful: Tap into Your Secret Intelligence

How to access your body’s innate wisdom for more pleasure, purpose & ease.

Are you feeling overcommitted, overwhelmed, or just plain ‘over it’?
Do you want a beautifully simple solution for more confidence, joy and ease?

Join me for this informative and practical 1 day workshop where you’ll learn how to use Bodyfulness to get more of what you really want.

If you’ve ever struggled with body image, with self-love, with perfectionism or even PMS…

If you’ve ever wondered what your body is really trying to say to you, but you don’t know how to listen…

If you sometimes feel lacklustre and more than a little unsure of what is really important to you, and you’re seeking more clarity and purpose…

Bodyfulness unlocks these issues and provides answers from deep within you.

Becoming Bodyful not only expands your body intelligence, and builds self-confidence – you will feel more on purpose, and discover new ways to self-love, so you can access your own natural energetic beauty.

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Bodyfulness is about being more of who you really are,
Bodyfulness is not about being who you ‘should’ be.

This is a small workshop so I can focus on what each individual needs.

Workshop dates for 2nd half of 2017:
Saturday 21 October 9am to 1pm
Saturday 18 Nov 12noon to 5pm
(venue TBA. It will be close to Sydney CBD)

Investment: $295 inc GST

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Internal Wisdom

Did you know that your body is your greatest source of intelligence and insight?

Bodyfulness is about coming home to yourself, so you can access more pleasure and more purpose.

It’s also the way to a more embodied spirit and more soul-fuelled day-to-day living.

When we make peace with our body, we nurture and embrace everything about ourselves, and consequently we develop a powerful presence and ease. This affects not only our relationship with ourselves, it changes how we relate to others and to the world around us.

Discovering Bodyfulness

Over the course of this 5 hour workshop we’ll be using Bodyfulness processes, and ancient wisdom techniques including astrology, to gain insights into your personal body & soul codes, and to work on creating fundamental mindset shifts.

The focus will be on developing your personal practices that will help you unlock your deep body wisdom.

Wondering if this workshop is for you?
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What others say:

I’ve developed more confidence, focus and more positivity. I’ve made a fundamental shift, and I cannot look at things in the same way.
Lorraine Cox, founder and director, Downsizing with Ease

Sheridan is able to provide a practical framework and insightful connections and meaning. I truly valued spending time with her.
Sally Foley Lewis, Management & Productivity Expert

I highly recommend Sheridan to anyone who is seeking to understand themselves, and to gain clarity and guidance in their life’s journey and purpose.
Jemma Rivera, Wholistic Lifestyle Specialist

Sheridan Kennedy

As an artist, Sheridan is renowned as a creative innovator with a unique vision and aesthetic. Her jewellery has been exhibited around the world. 

As a teacher and alchemist, she uses her Ph.D research to blend in-depth expertise on well-being at the intersection of science and spirit, with astrological insight, guiding women to embody their real beauty.

Her clients range from entrepreneurs and executives in the corporate environments to creatives from the fashion and art world.

Sheridan believes that as women we need to change the way we’re ‘doing’ work and life. It is how we are being, more than what we do, that has a profound impact on our health, self-esteem and relationships.

Her vision is to restore magic, mystery and wonder to our daily lives. This very ancient, yet entirely fresh reality changes everything, healing hearts, minds and the planet.

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Using Bodyfulness to change your world is the beginning of a personal revolution.

Book your spot now in this transformative workshop. Spaces are limited so I can focus on you.

Workshop dates for 2nd half of 2017:
Saturday 12 August 9am to 1pm
Saturday 18 Nov 12noon to 5pm
(venue TBA. It will be close to Sydney CBD)

Investment: $295 inc GST

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