Discover your Elemental Essence & the Power Gems that will support you now,
so you can create more of what really matters to you.

I invite you to be part of a revolution

This is an invitation to be extraordinary.
To head for the frontiers and find the roads less travelled.

It’s an invitation to recognise your REAL value so the rest of the world will never doubt it.
It’s a personal revolution that starts within you and yet it has the potential to ripple out into every corner of the world.

Can you sense something is calling you?

Now is the time to step up – to do something important, to make a difference.
But if life has gotten in the way & things feel kind of meaningless, if your destination feels way out of reach… then you need the spark to light the fuse, the key to unlock the treasure…

Because deep down you know you can be brilliant.

Your 'New IQ' creates revolutionary change

This is your ‘Inspire Quotient’ – because you can only inspire others & ignite change with your own inspiration & passion.

The New IQ is the confidence and presence that comes from knowing and embodying your own unique value, the gift that you are for the world.

It’s the way you enter a room full of people with a charismatic confidence sourced from deep within – the feeling that you’re truly on purpose and you’re here to make a difference. This same energy is also what makes you energetically beautiful because you’re tapped into that mysterious, intangible essence that shines from inside you.

Can you feel the palpable difference your presence makes in the world?

And if your answer is “no” or “… sometimes…”, what needs to happen before this becomes your daily reality?

I suspect you don’t need more strategies. What if you could have direct access to your own inner source of power whenever and wherever you need it? Can you let go of knowing with the mind and have the courage to know from your heart and your belly?

I’m talking about that sense of trust in yourself, of knowing you’re on the right path – your own unique path, the one each of us came into this world to create. Even if it doesn’t look like the path that others are taking.

Do you crave that sense of belonging which comes from being at home, in yourself, wherever you are and whatever may happen?

What about easily accessing that feeling of being unique, beautiful, and valued?

These are not places or states that you get to once you’re perfect … it’s your birthright!
It’s what you’ve been born to live that no-one else can – 
that delicious, belly-centred joy of being YOU.

Imagine a direct line connecting you to that inner guidance system.
Because this is how you really know when you’re HERE. Instead of always chasing “being there”.

What is the Alchemy Experience?

The Alchemy experience combines all my processes – Soul-Mapping, Bodyfulness + the Vision Jewel.

Step 1 – Enhancing your SQ (soul quotient)
Your voyage of discovery begins with soul-mapping, using your astrology chart to clarify your purpose, unknot internal conflicts and get you working with your power patterns.

Step 2 – Developing your BQ (body intelligence)
Bodyfulness practices bring greater wellbeing and ease, tune you into your internal guidance system, and enhance your energetic presence.

Step 3 – Materialising your VQ (vision quotient) into a visionary jewel
You choose the gem and I design the piece of jewellery that will become your constant reminder and pathfinder.

The whole process takes approximately 90 days from commencement to receipt of your jewel.

I take an intuitive approach to the design process - it's a piece unique to you.

Calling upon your astrology chart and the wisdom that arises through your own bodyfulness practices we consider colours, personal symbolism, and other elements, including the qualities within yourself that need to be supported so you can create your vision.

You choose your gem from a collection which has been hand-picked for you. Or, why not take the truly unique path and have a gem ‘rough’ cut to your choice of design?

I create the piece of jewellery, inspired by all of the above.  You approve the final design and then it goes into production.

Within 8 -10 weeks of us initiating this whole process you will have your Alchemical Jewel.

On receiving it you anchor your intention or vision into it. This may happen privately, we may do it together, or within a workshop situation. Which ever  way you choose, there are clear steps for the process.

The Alchemy experience gives you the tools to embody your brilliance

  • Discover what’s getting in your way, why, and how to shift it.
  • Clarify your purpose so you can move forward with a clear vision of what you’re here to do.
  • Tap into your own intuitive guidance system so you know when you’re on path – and when to course-correct.
  • Get more pleasure & ease in your day so you can deal with overwhelm and stress, plus create resilience and well-being.
  • Break the spell of dullness or frustration, and wake up each morning feeling inspired by your purpose.
  • Grow your confidence and presence so that you stand out and get noticed.

What you need to commit to in order for this process to work for you

You don’t become good at something without devotion.
The degree to which something works for us depends on the quality of attention we give it.
This is a co-creative process. In fact anything we manifest is a co-creative process.
Daily practice is necessary to cultivate your practices and make this process work for you.

Once you have the jewel, and you’ve anchored your vision into it, you must commit to ‘feeding’ your jewel, even after the program is complete. This involves wearing it with intention and keeping it in a sacred place when you’re not wearing it.
It works according to the quality of attention that you give it. And that you give yourself.
That’s why this process is all about enhancing the quality of that attention to create what you desire.

The tangible outcome of the Alchemy experience is a piece of jewellery that is uniquely designed for you. However, unlike simply having a piece of custom jewellery made, the experience will give you greater insight into your own motivations, intentions and purpose. It shows you a way to anchor this clarity and wisdom on a day-to-day level.
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What magic do YOU make possible? Discover your Elementary Essence & the energies
you need to cultivate now so that you can spend less time ‘working’ on yourself & more time being yourself.
+ learn all about the power gems that will support you on your mission!

My work is all about restoring magic, mystery and wonder to the world.
Because I believe that this ancient (& yet entirely fresh) reality
heals hearts, minds, and the planet.